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Introduction and Miscellaneous Arts

    During my first few years in the SCA, I belonged to the Freehold (now known as the Barbarian Freehold Alliance) and I held the Arts and Sciences Office.

    However, I didn't know any of the A&S I needed to teach, so I took many different classes and studied books. I put together a sample for each art / science and developed class notes. Many of the samples I made were of high beginner or even intermediate quality.

    It was this expereince that showed me that I could do well in the arts if I found a couple that I enjoyed.

    Some of the arts/sciences I taught classes in were:

    I taught another 15 or so arts / sciences but I have no memory or information about what they were.

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    During 1975 and 1976 I learned blackwork (through classes and books) so that I could teach it as part of my A&S officer duties. I ended up teaching several classes, and developed some interest in the art form.
    I continued to work with blackwork and actually turned out two complete sleeves. They sold at an SCA auction, and were listed as Intermediate level work. I haven't done much blackwork since those sleeves.

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    Tim's Bookbinding page

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    While I had a fairly good cooking background from my Grandparents, I now started to get kitchen training not just in cooking but Banquet cooking from Giesele Hildegaard of the Mystic Dragon.

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    During 1975 I learned Bobbin Lace and Cutwork Lace (through classes and books) so that I could teach it as part of my A&S officer duties

    Tim's Bobbin Lace page

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    Tim's Persona page

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