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I have been writing fiction for years, but none of it saw print until I started the Crystal Magic series.

Although these stories are set in a fictionalized SCA world using SCA geography and a loose version of some SCA personas, the stories in no way depict actual people, personas, places, or events.

Crystal Magic Series: Arrow of CaidHonoré Of The WestCrystal Magic Information

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Arrow of Caid

1st story in the Crystal Magic series

In the 1st story in the Crystal Magic series war breaks out between the Kingdom of Caid, the Kingdom of The West, and The Hourde; and we get our first glimpses of Crystal Magic.

The story has been published in serial form in the Freehold's newsletter, the RuneStaff.

Honoré of The West

2nd story in the Crystal Magic series

As we learned in Arrow of Caid, "Stories are like life. There are no endings, just new stories beginning."

Honoré of The West opens just after the last battle scene of Arrow of Caid (yes, we learn more about last battle and Honoré's fateful arrow!), follows the characters as they move toward the future the Storyteller showed us, and we learn more about Crystal Magic.

Crystal Magic

Information about the Crystal Magic series

Want to know more about the magic used in the series?

Here it is — Tim has written up the history and specifics for your edification and perusal.

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