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Intermediate Persona Worksheet

Most members do not go further than the basics for Persona. Since you are here, let us discuss Persona. With an Intermediate Persona part of what you are here for is to expand your knowledge. Yes also putting together your Persona can be a lot of fun, and also when you find those Persona Interactions few that they are you will be much more prepared for them. Let us first go over the questions that will help you to expand your Persona then we will discuss Persona interactions. 1. What do you look like? Is it you as you are now? Or are you something else?

2. How old are you? Where were you born? You may claim to be any reasonable age. Consider historical events in the year you were born. You should know of important events following your birth.

3. Can you name your parents? Your Grandparents? What do they do for a living? What is their Physical appearance?

4. What are the names and ages of your sisters and brothers? Were there siblings who did not survive? You would know their names also, even those died in childbirth.

5. How were you brought up? Where? Were you fostered, orphaned, or washed ashore in a storm?

6. Can you read and write? Do you own any literary materials? This is one area where you will need to research carefully to determine just how you became literate as most of Europe was illiterate.

7. Where and from whom did you receive the bulk of your schooling and training? How long did it take? What is your trade and profession? Are you paid? How often and in what form?

8. Are you married? For how long? What is your spouse’s name?

9. What are the names and ages of your living children? Were there any that did not survive?

10. Do you stay mostly at home or do you travel for any reason? If you travel, where to?

11. What is the name of the highest ranking person you personally know? Who is the highest ranking person in your area? Is this person the ruler of a larger area?

12. What are some of the most important historical events to have happened in your area before your were born? What are those that happened in your lifetime?

13. What sort of clothes do you wear? What are its colors and fabrics? What do you wear on your feet? How did you obtain this clothing?

14. What possessions do you carry with you on your person? What larger possessions, such as furniture, weapons, or livestock, do you own?

15. Have you served in the military?

16. What is your reaction to strangers? Remember most of Europe was xenophobic.

17. Have you ever been seriously ill or injured? This will affect your looks, and can make you a cripple depending what type of injury or illness.

18. Have you ever committed a crime? When and what? What constituted a crime was different in period.

19. How do you tell time?

20. How often do you bathe? Much of Europe considered it a sin to bath more than 2-4 times a year.

21. Are you shy?

22. What incident in your childhood most affected you?

23. How do you feel about your parents?

24. What is your attitude about religion?

25. What is your favorite pastime? Remember if you are surviving all the time you have no time for hobbies. What do you hate doing?

26. Of what achievement are you most proud? Most ashamed?

27. What is worth dying for? What makes life worthwhile?

28. What is your attitude towards the opposite sex?

29. What is your attitude towards money?

30. What is your attitude towards having sex? Are you a virgin?

31. Are you popular? Who is your best friend? Who are your enemies?

32. How did you spend your 12th birthday? Probably getting married – remember you were married as soon as you hit puberty.

33. What is your favorite possession, color, food, drink, animal, plant, person, weather?

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