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Persona Development Worksheets

Persona is the putting together of a person who might have existed. This is done through the research that the member does on their own with a set of questions that help focus the research. Some people use their everyday lives as models for their persona. Yet others use what they do in the SCA as their basis. Still others, using research alone, create a viable, accurate persona that has no relation to their everyday or SCA selves or lives at all.

What you do is up to you. These worksheets are here to help you. Are you from a particular ethnic background that you want to use as a basis for your persona? Does your family tree come from some special locale or point of historical interest? Does a particular type of name, style of clothing, type of music, pique your curiosity?

Most people just put together a basic persona. This is fine. If there comes a time that you wish to do more than ask for the intermediate worksheets and see what you can put together. Most people take several years to finalize their basic persona but you can advance whenever you wish.

These worksheets have been created to help you construct your persona by asking questions to help you in your development and research. They start at the most basic points and work toward a full featured persona.

Work through as much as you want to, stop when you want.

Even if you don't want a full featured persona, they make for a great thinking piece.

Questions? Want to schedule a Persona Workshop Class?

Persona Worksheets

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