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Bobbin Lace Info

Bobbin Lace is a traditional form of lace making that can be used to produce many patterns and forms of hand made lace.

Although the completed lace is complex and beautiful, the process is not that complex. The process uses 2 different moments of the lace bobbins, which are combined into many different and lovely patterns.

Tim's Beginning bobbin lace lessons

Bobbin Lace Resources from Katherina Weyssin

Buy a Kit, Set Up and Ready to Go

We (Unicorn Fiber Arts) sell a Beginner Bobbin Lace kit that is set up and ready to use.

Kit Skill Level: Beginner -- The kit includes instructions for a sampler of 4 basic stitches, and instructions for 2 different lace patterns

The kit includes -- All you need to get started making bobbin lace:

  • Complete instructions and patterns
  • Covered Foam Lace Making Pillow (the cover color will vary)
  • 12 Lace Bobbins
  • Thread Pre-Strung on bobbins
  • Crocheted Bobbin Keeper to keep the bobbins in place between uses
  • Pins, as Needed to Work the Patterns
The kit comes ready to use: The bobbins are threaded and the sampler pattern is set up!

This will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail at no additional cost.

The kit is available online here.

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